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Nordic Fashion Week Association (NFWA) is an internationally recognized, not-for-profit non-governmental fashion organization, working to advance the Nordic and international sustainable fashion and textile industries and businesses. NFWA collaborates and consults organizations, enterprises, research institutes and other industry events on the themes of circular economy and sustainability. NFWA concretely participates on the field work through several initiatives like The New Normal Project in collaboration with WWF ,UN projects and commercial initiatives with international partners.

NFWA’s annual event platform Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW), is held every July. The event supports Finnish and international designers by offering them a sustainable and free-of-charge platform, to showcase their creations for the international fashion buyers and press. Besides giving a platform for trendsetters in clean fashion, the five-day fashion week sets to inspire urban development and cultural interaction by re-evaluating the way we consume, adapt and co-exist with our surroundings in the fashion landscape of the future. 

Therefore, NFWA brings together various professionals and organizations from cross-industry sectors, which are united by their sustainable visions and values. This way the organization aims to inspire scientific solutions to the current and future problems of the manufacturing industries.